For when you fail:

“It’s more than just leaning on your talent—you have to be disciplined. You have to get up in the morning. You have to go do it. Opportunity’s knocking. Open the door. Get going,… Continue reading

Student’s video dancing through China proves we’ve come a long technological way

Traveling to a new country can be heavy on the eyes, but in 2014, there are more pieces of technology than ever before to capture all of the crucial moments and ensure you… Continue reading

Drugs found in Justin Bieber’s home after egging spree

Justin Bieber is walking on eggshells after police found cocaine in “plain sight” inside Bieber’s home during a search of his mansion, according to E! News. Police disrupted the pop singer’s beauty sleep… Continue reading

iTunes and Google under the knife for plastic surgery app marketed to children

If young girls didn’t get enough mixed messages from the media about their bodies, they now have access to an app that does the-ahem-work for them. Google and iTunes are under the knife… Continue reading

Home News from Afar: The Golden Globes from a Global View

Awards season officially commenced with the Golden Globes Sunday night where actors, actresses, producers, and directors from all over the world united in Los Angeles in honor of their nominated work in film… Continue reading

YouTube video inspires body love among awards season critics

Awards season is in full swing, which means the Internet will soon have a never-ending supply of “Worst-Dressed” Lists, “Hot or Not?” body comparisons, and workouts inspired by the arms and legs of… Continue reading

Movies in 2014 don’t look promising for women, despite their box office draw

The New Year rang in with a flurry of box-office smash hits, most garnering Golden Globe nominations and intense Oscar buzz. Hollywood witnessed impressive performances from actors and actresses alike, from Leonardo DiCaprio’s money-hungry… Continue reading

The Confident Bird Catches The Worm

-E. Jean, November 2013

‘Saying no to shit you hate’ and other life lessons from Girls’ Season 3 Trailer

HBO released the trailer for the third season of its hit show, Girls, this week and it was as campy and cryptic as ever. The minute and a half long trailer featured Hannah… Continue reading

Scandal’s Mellie: The Poster Girl for Women’s On-Screen Downfall

It comes as no surprise that women are underrepresented on television. I can count the number of leading female characters on television shows today on just one hand. Therefore, when female characters do… Continue reading