A No-Nonsense Guide to Natalie Portman-Status Skin: Makeup Artist Pati Dubroff Explains

E! News/March 9, 2017

We’ve called in the experts.

When it comes to replicating the artfully applied makeup of Hollywood’s most famous women, there’s no one who can better explain the methods than the very artists holding the brushes. In this series, the masters are dishing exactly what it takes to recreate their signature looks.

While we can’t promise the tips and tricks are simple or quick (one makeup artist revealed she spends 20 minutes alone on her client’s skin), we did get the no-nonsense answers to all of those recurring questions, complete with their tried-and-true, must-have products and the tricks only those of Tinseltown caliber could have in their beauty arsenal.

Get your palettes and notepads ready—first up: industry veteran Pati Dubroff.

When once asked by British Vogue for the secret behind her flawless skin, Natalie Portman replied, “a great makeup artist.” That artist may have been Pati, whose roster of famous clientele includes Priyanka Chopra, Margot Robbie and, of course, this year’s Oscar nominee for Jackie.

If there’s one thing that trio of women has in common, it’s their picture-perfect complexions. To get that flawless look without bordering on cakey, Dubroff starts off with one of her must-have skin tools, the ReFa CARAT beauty roller, which Dubroff said is useful for boosting circulation in the face. “If you slop makeup on a cold face, it’s just going to kind of sit there, so it’s nice to get the juices flowing,” she explained to E! News.

After a healthy portion of moisturizer, it’s time to prime. Dubroff currently alternates between Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch primer, one she has used for years, and Milk Makeup’s Blur Stick. With the right primer, Dubroff said there will be less of a need for powder later, which can sometimes age the look.

Then, using a flat foundation brush and a damp sponge, Dubroff buffs three different foundations into the skin, starting with a shade that matches the face and neck in a slightly heavy, matte formula, like Tom Ford Waterproof Foundation Concealer. After buffing that through the center of the face, she will pick up a more glowy formula, like Chantecaille Future Skin Gel Foundation, to contour around the perimeter of the face. Lastly, she reaches for Laura Mercier Candleglow Concealer to brighten around the eyes and sides of the nose.

Dubroff’s bottom line when it comes to foundation: Spend time buffing everything in and the skin will ultimately look flawless—without any sign of product.

Pro Tip: According to Dubroff, where you sit when you apply your makeup is just as important as how you apply your makeup. Always try to apply in natural light or by a window instead of in a bathroom.

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