Lucy Hale Shares Her Secret to Mastering a Modern Bob

E! News/November 14, 2017

Looking for the final push to get that major chop? Look no further than Lucy Hale.

The Truth of Dare star grew up on the small screen as Pretty Little Liars‘ Aria Montgomery, easily recognized by her long, flowing brunette locks. However, in 2015, the actress paid a visit to her hairstylist and, on an impulsive whim, left with a bob.

“I needed a change. I had always used my hair as a security blanket,” she told E! News at Marie Claire‘s Beauty Boss Power Lunch with Avon, recalling the initial chop. “It wasn’t even a thought-out thing. I hadn’t been thinking about it for months.”

Nevertheless, it fit. “I immediately loved it,” she added. “I kind of felt like this was how I should have always had my hair.” However, Lucy’s new ‘do was a big surprise to the PLL producers when she showed up to set for the next season. “They liked it, but they didn’t know how to make it make sense in the show,” she said. When in doubt, blame it on “A.” As fans of the show know, “A” ended up cutting Aria’s hair in her sleep.

While real life inspires art, art inspired real life for Hale, who recently went even shorter in honor of her latest character, Stella Abbott, on The CW’s upcoming series, Life Sentence. “It so suits her character,” Hale said of the look.

With a few years of the shorter length already under her belt, Hale has mastered the art of a wavy bob. The key? A flat iron instead of a curling iron. Since short locks have a tendency to do the ’60s flip out, Lucy gets an undercut and has the hair closest to her neck thinned out.

If you’re still hesitant about asking for a snip, heed Hale’s words: “It’s just hair, anyway.”

However, if you don’t feel quite the same, Hale offered a few less committal tips to getting her TV star-status skin: Don’t underestimate the power of double cleansing, vitamin C serum brightens acne spots and don’t pick your pimples!

Of course, who hasn’t picked at a pimple? In that case, Hale ices the spot and reaches for a tiny brush to cover it up with foundation and concealer. Crisis averted!

As Avon’s brand ambassador, Hale’s gotten the freedom to spread her beauty wings. “They’ve embraced me for who I am and that’s given me more confidence, but I also get to do fun photo shoots and I get to try new things,” she said of the role. “Trying new things is a little bit scary, but it’s helped me break outside of my box a little bit.”

Hence, her next hair goal. “I’ve always wanted to dye my hair a crazy color,” she hinted. “I got to keep it kind of a surprise because I still might do it. We’ll see.”

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