How to Get Runway-Worthy Curls…With This Hardware Store Item

E! News/September 9, 2016

When opting for a look with fun downtown flair, a bit of wire may come in handy.

Behind the scenes at Adam Selman‘s spring 2017 fashion show at NYC’s Milk Studios, the models were busy getting primped with the help of the usual hair tools, including brushes, hairspray and straighteners. However, when a few hairstylists were spotted wrapping hair around curved wire, it demanded further investigation.

While models appeared on the runway with finished urban-inspired messy topknots, achieving that bedhead texture took some patience and flow—and the surprising help of a hardware store item.

After parting models’ hair down the middle, creating bends in the hair with a straightener and spraying hairspray throughout, the amika stylists took sections of hair on each side and wrapped the strands around an upside-down U-shaped wire, alternating between the left and right prongs in an S-shape and finishing it off with a bobby pin to stay put.

To set the hair, stylists then clamped each wired section with a straightener or blow-dryer to seal in the texture with heat.

The result? A halo of voluminous disco-esque tresses ready to be shaped.

After freeing the newly waved hair from the wires, stylists finished off the look by keeping that same middle part, but twisting each side upward and inward and tying it off at the top of the head. To give the final bun its funky edge, stylists opted to leave the textured ends hanging out over the models’ eye—which was perfect placement to draw attention to the colorful eye makeup Selman’s ladies flaunted out on the catwalk.

It didn’t all come down to the wire—but who knew such a simple thing could bring runway hair to life?


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