Kardashian Hairstylist Jen Atkin Wants Everyone to Ditch the Wavy Lob and Try This Instead

E! News/September 15, 2016

Celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin is over Hollywood’s favorite hair trend—the wavy lob, or wob.

“I’ve been telling everybody to get out of your lob,” Atkin told E! News at the NYC debut of Dyson’s newly launched Supersonic hair dryer.

As the trusted hair guru for the likes of Khloe KardashianChrissy Teigen and Jessica Alba, the OUAI mogul’s word is generally treated like industry gold, so listen up. While she’s credited with turning the shorter textured cut into a Hollywood sensation, Atkin has her eye on a new look for the months ahead—and it features a different kind of chop.

“Cut a good fringe and start wearing your hair kind of messy and just blow-dry the fringe,” she advised. “Ask your hairstylist what suits your face shape, but I think a good heavy bang is so cool. It just kind of takes your mind off of the lob that’s growing out.”

There you have it—for those devoted to their lobs, it’s time to say goodbye and embrace the shag. “We can’t live in it forever!” Jen joked of her signature look.

If you’re not ready to commit to bangs just yet, Atkin has two more alternatives. “Getting extensions is another option,” she said. “I feel like there’s no shame in the extension game anymore.”

Still, if your heart is set on Kardashian-esque waves, an ’80s technique is making its grand return—the perm! While she couldn’t name any names just yet, Atkin mentioned a company launching a new perm that will help customers get those slept-in waves right from when they wake up.

“It’s going to be game-changing. It just gives you a really loose natural-looking wave,” Jen described. “We have technology now. We can get good perms that aren’t going to be bad for us.”

The key for all three of the styles is texture—a buzz word that has been repeated over and over by hairstylists behind the scenes at New York Fashion Week, including the undone locks of Naeem Khan and the wild curls at Brandon Maxwell. “Curls are huge right now. I’ve seen curls all over the runway,” Jen affirmed. “I’m telling you—it’s coming back.”

Bottom line: With the simple help of some mousse and finishing cream, Jen wants ladies to let go of the perfectly styled coif and embrace what their mamas gave them. “Rather than being programmed to blow dry your hair straight and then get a curling iron and put wave into it, you can actually use your natural texture and start to appreciate it.”

In the meantime, for everyday hair-care maintenance, keep this in mind: Don’t blast your blowdryer! “I don’t know if we watched it in movies or what, but we tend to just turn it up all the way,” Atkin said of our blowdryer faux pas. “Play around with a medium setting and medium heat…it’s not going to take that much longer, but you’ll come out with a better style.”

Rest in peace, lob.

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